GMP Trainer Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer Courses

GMP Trainer Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer Courses

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This online self-study course leads participants through many different ways to teach cGMPs and QSRs. Learn what a class instructor thinks while delivering a training session to students, so you can repeat that training approach in your own organization.

GMP Train The Trainer Courses
GMP Trainer Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer Courses

How This Course Is Implemented

This course is implemented in three phases: Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer.

  1. GMP Trainer Awareness – Students view presentations covering the course objectives below.
  2. GMP Trainer Certification – Students view the “Awareness” presentations. Students then prepare elements of a training session demonstrating the application of the content taught in the awareness course, or in some cases, capture and submit video segments of an actual or practice training session. All information submitted will be reviewed and critiqued by a team of Master Trainers. This course is taken simultaneously with the Awareness course.
  3. GMP Master Trainer – Learn GMP content to assure you know the basic GMP rules. This phase of the program is under development.

This is NOT a public seminar workshop. Our public seminar was so popular; we turned it into an online self-study course that fits into your busy schedule.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Apply a Participant Centered Approach to training
  • Write course objectives
  • Development a course assessment
  • Describe the difference between ice breakers and activities
  • Describe and develop ice breakers for a class
  • Describe and develop activities for a class
  • Explain the role of the instructor during activities
  • Develop an activity debriefing strategy
  • Describe various strategies for forming groups
  • Design a course presentation
  • Identify and demonstrate effective presentation skills
  • Develop stories for a class and how to deliver the story
  • Develop discussion questions
  • Develop and implement discussion follow-up strategies
  • Demonstrate the management of disruptive behavior
  • Identify the elements of a course assessment validation plan
  • Identify the elements of a course evaluation form
  • Develop a course evaluation form

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