SkillsPlus International Inc.

The GMP Professor by SkillsPlus is the leader in CGMP compliance training!

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The leader in compliance training.

SkillsPlus International Inc., was incorporated in 1991. We offer training services to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Initially, we offered training at your site. Consequently, we traveled all over the world teaching the CGMP regulations. Now as a result of high travel expenses, the risk of Covid-19 exposure, and demanding production schedules we now only offer our CGMP training on-line. Our training courses with The GMP Professor are designed by course developers with over 40 years of CGMP experience. Furthermore, our company brings to those courses many commonly applied industry practices that may apply to your site as well.

What Clients Say About SkillsPlus International Inc. Training

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SkillsPlus International Inc. consistently receives high praise for it’s training.

Importantly, our courses are highly recommended! In other words, our students and clients praise the easy-to-follow design. Additionally, they also enjoy the engaging delivery of the course material.

Warehouse Employee: “You need to listen to this guy!”

Mechanic: “I was expecting a boring read-the-page program, but Allan and Jennifer really make the rules interesting and easy to understand.”

Vice-President: “Now this is how CGMP training should be conducted.”

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